What I have tried:


Since 2014 I have tried a lot of things to help Rick and me to overcome this horrible disease. Here are some of the things that I have tried:

  1. In 2014 the first thing we did was start Rick on supplements, a lot of supplements and regular exercise and try to reverse his Type 2 diabetes
  2. From 2015 – 2016 he improved slightly, by working on his books and recalling old memories and taking all the supplements. And then I tried every cocka-meme scheme that I could find.
  3. February 2016 – Curcumin a downloaded book about its benefits and how it helps the brain and he took tons of Curcumin supplements.
  4. March 2016 – Olive Oil 2 tablespoons after each meal,Ketosis purchased Ketone monitor, still does this today.
  5. March 2016 – We reversed Type 2 diabetes; Doctor says we don’t need an Endocrinologist anymore.
  6. March 2016 – Nutritional Health by using antioxidants and highly charged or infused supplements Cytoplan UK.
  7. April 2016 – Personal trainer working out with weights and bands and strength training and cardio for 1 hour 3 times per week.
  8. May 2016 – MEND plan from Bredesen complete change of diet lowest carb veggies and only organic foods, no fruit, a lot of sleep and Neural Agility CD where he listens and goes into meditation.
  9. June 2016 – Green juice, too many carbs, had to cut out green juice and limited carbs and no fruit.
  10. July 2017 – Tested Rick’s hair for mercury or any other toxins, tested him for Celiac disease, found out that he had a leaky gut and cured it with bone broth.
  11. July 2017 – Had Rick go to M.M. Van Benschoten OMD, an herbal and eastern medicine doctor and he said to remove all mold from the house, I don’t think my house has mold and he also gave supplements.
  12. July 2017 – Had the house tested for Mold, No mold. Uff! I am OCD, I need order so I  keep the house clean all the time. Thank heavens we didn’t have mold in my house.
  13. August 2017 – AVP-786:  (deuterated [d6]-dextromethorphan hydrobromide [d6-DM]/quinidine sulfate [Q]) basically – Nuedexta. He still has to take this for agitation.
  14. Most of 2017 was spent thinking of a way to bring back Rick and we received a RECODE report which told us that Type of Alzheimer’s that Rick has. There are 6 types did you know that? I will write about it. I just read so much about it, I feel almost like an expert on this subject!
  15. July 2018 – Beemer Bed which helps to purify the blood and create oxygen in the blood and reduce inflammation.
  16. August 2018 – Cryo-therapy we got frozen to reduce inflammation he hated this!!!!
  17. October 2018 – Wave light that attaches to the head to stimulate neurons. I bought this online. Read about it. Thought we should try it. He also hated this! I tried it and it didn’t hurt, but with Alzheimer’s everything hurts!!!!!
  18. December 2018 – Stem Cell therapy spoke with many clinics who do this, nothing proven and they cannot seem to break through the blood brain barrier.
  19. January 2019 –Hylands bio plasma cell salts cleans and purifies the blood.
  20. February 2019 – Hyperbaric chamber to increases oxygen in the brain and tries to clear out some of the brain fog and increase oxygen and of course Rick hated this! It was too claustrophobic and too much pressure. It was very expensive too.
  21. Your turn! Please let me know if you have tried anything different? And have any of these trials worked? I am not searching for a cure but if we see 0, 0001% of improvement, we will be celebrating! Our caregiver, Fabiana, and I always laugh when we tell each other: He pooped, yeah! He ate everything, yeah!  He drank 3 glasses of water, yeah! He wasn’t mean today, yeah! If you don’t live with someone with Alzheimer’s disease then you probably wouldn’t understand this, but little things make such a difference. Questions? Ideas? Comments? Anything? rschyjer@gmail.com. Thank you for sharing.
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