We did it!

We did it!

As Shannon said, the other day, the book “It’s Not A Rumour” is on track to be published by Rare Bird Publishing in the Fall of 2021.

This all started in 2014-2015 when Rick was posting his stories on Facebook and Ron Manus of Alfred Music Publishing commented that he should have a blog or write a book. Ron invited us to the NAM show, which was very cool to discuss the project. It proved to be too much work to pull the stories out of Rick for Alfred Music.

After that, I thought that it would be important to get Rick’s stories in a book and at the same time help him recall memories. We had so much material; his illustrious music career, songwriting, childhood, the Alzheimer’s and our love story. Telling Shannon his stories did help his memory improve a little even though it made him emotional while working on it.

I researched co-writers and bought a book on how to write a memoir. I realized that I needed help. I contacted the L.A. Writer’s Group. Nicole Criona recommended several co-writers. We met with one at the Daily Grill in Studio City. He was arrogant and said that he would send over a couple of typists to take down Rick’s stories and then he would develop those stories into a book. Rick did not like that guy. Then I went back to Nicole and she recommended Shannon.

We met Shannon at Aroma Coffee in Studio City we had an instant connection. Shannon is beautiful inside and out and she “saw” Rick. She truly understood his vision for the book. She wanted to do justice to Rick’s vision and she did. What is amazing about Shannon is how hard she works, how she respects the stories, how much research she did and she stayed true to Rick’s vision.. She helped Rick put across his stories that were; funny, heartfelt, interesting, unbelievable, and so cool. I am positive that Rick would be proud of this book.

During the process, we would get chapters from Shannon. Rick and I would cry at some parts because the truth of his disease hit us and we cried because this was really happening to him. We laughed out loud at some chapters, we were blown away by all the life that he had lived. This book became the best way to preserve Rick’s memories which were fading. We enjoyed every minute that we spent with Shannon. She is truly a gem. We are so lucky to have found her.

The pictures above are of Shannon and me celebrating the culmination of all our hard work and dedication to this project. This book will finally be published.

We toasted with Margarita’s that…WE DID IT!


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  1. Gregg "Yo" Kubera
    Gregg "Yo" Kubera says:

    …keep us posted as to when (& where) we can purchase this invaluable tome!
    Will be a GREAT addition to my library!
    YO Kubera
    …former Pachuco

  2. Tom Valenzuela
    Tom Valenzuela says:

    Fantastic news!
    Can’t wait to buy it. His web page was always very interesting too.

    Tom Valenzuela

    (Fan from Arizona)


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