Outside In

Well, the frenzy about who Demi took her surname from is over.

What I would like people to know is the person that Freddy (Rick) really is; a music fanatic, Beatle lover, wild man on stage, nerdy shy guy in person, incredibly brilliant songwriter who was a driven bandleader, artist and poet.

Because Freddy (Rick) is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he’s not able to tell his story. But before his decline, he wrote a memoir about his life and it’s an amazing story. We don’t know who the Freddy Moore, Demi portrays in her book is, or who the tabloids are talking about for 5 minutes of sensationalism, but it isn’t him.

If you are interested in what made Freddy the person he is, who had a photographic memory, read voraciously, was an incredible songwriter and lyricist, still is a loving, sensitive and sweet all around guy, and wonderful husband, then read his book when it comes out! You’ll discover the incredible human being he is and all the talents that he possessed.

I love my brother-in-law and will always stand by his side. I am always with Renee who has never given up and fights to preserve his memories and keep him as healthy as she can.  It’s a beautiful love story.


Sara and Renee young

sisters forever

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