Need to publish “Its Not a Rumour”

Hello All,

I have been trying to get Rick’s book published for some time now. It’s just not going anywhere. I know that his life story is a great one but I can’t seem to get any publishers interested. We have an agent and she’s been trying but no luck.

anyone who knows someone in the publishing arena or any of Rick’s fans from Skogie, The Kats or The Nu Kats have any connections would be great.

I would appreciate any ideas that you have. I tried the self-publishing route but they wanted us to change all the names of real people, famous or not and even though we have permission from 90% of the people mentioned in the book, they wanted us to take that part of the story out and that would ruin it. I guess our book isn’t cookie-cutter enough for self-publishing.

I just think that looking back on the good times, those nostalgic happy times would be good for us right now, right? Rick’s childhood was incredibly interesting, falling through the ice of a frozen lake, righteous riding, which is holding onto the fastest car you can find while wearing rainboots on the ice and crashing into a snowbank. His infamous marriage, our love story and Alzheimer’s robbing all of us of such a gifted songwriter, lyricist and cool person makes for a great book! I know, I’m prejudiced cuz I love the guy so much.

anyone who has any ideas, please email me at

I just want something to happen already. We have edited the book several times and obtained permissions from most of the people mentioned in it. I have invested years into this, a substantial amount of  money, paid LA Writers Group editors to edit it. we have almost 100 color pictures and flyers and posters and song lyrics at the end of each chapter.

thanks all, and take care.

ReneeAcoustic Highball

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