My tribute to Frederick (Freddy) Moore

My video tribute to Rick on YouTube, Mike Kohan (my brother-in-law’s brother)


In 2011 I made a video of Freddy Moore and Dennis Peters performing a song at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood, which Freddy wrote in 1991, “Born on the Wrong End of the Mississippi” that they also recorded in the studio in that year.

I’ve known Freddy (we call him Rick) since the late 70’s when he had an up-and-coming rock band, The Kats, and was friends with the sisters of my twin brother’s wife. Freddy later married one of the sisters after his divorce from Demi Moore, and we’ve all been close ever since. The bad news is Freddy has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the last few years, inherent in his family. Posting this video is my personal tribute to him.

When I went to edit, I found that the audio track from my camera was not very good, so I decided to meld the studio track to the live video and was very pleasantly surprised how closely it matched up, they were that tight. (I covered up some mismatches with superimposed photos.) The very beginning is live, and as soon as the music starts, it transitions to the studio recording, and back to live at the end.

Please enjoy – Michael Kohan (PS – I’m also planning to perform the song at an Open Mic day for my seniors ukulele group.)

Love Mike

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  1. John Bickler
    John Bickler says:

    Sorry to learn about Freddy’s Alzheimer’s. I don’t know how recent any of this is – just found it – always a great memory of Freddy & the band; not forgotten for decades, now.
    Beautiful tribute, I hope you’ll update me.
    John .


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