My typical day part 2: I am late

heart in the skyContinuing my long typical day, after the first hours of the morning, I hand him 2 pills before food (Faby and I call them the “magic” pills) The magic pills are, Lexapro, an antidepressant and Nuedexta for agitation. Before he started taking these two pills, he would get very agitated and try to ask Faby to leave or disagree with absolutely everything. He didn’t want to go out, didn’t cooperate at all. He would ask why and shout you are an idiot! Sometimes he would get really angry and it was scary and very unlike him.Thank heavens for these pills!

Rick asks me every time he has to take the pills “what should I do?” I say “put those pills in your mouth and drink the water” sometimes he can’t understand so I pretend that I am taking the pills and mimic what he is supposed to do. Many times he will put the glass of water down on the counter or table and hold the pills in his mouth not knowing what to do. One time Faby, his caregiver said he faced her and didn’t want to take his after lunch pills and spit all 12 of his after lunch pills into the full glass of water looking at her in confrontation.  What do I say to her? It’s ok. Forget it, right?

By this time it’s about 7:15 AM and I set him up on the bed to watch a little TV and put his coffee mug on the nightstand so that I can take a shower, dry my hair, put on my makeup and figure out what to wear to work.  It’s now 7:45 AM, and as usual I am running behind. I need to do everything for myself so fast. After I’m ready, we go into the kitchen and I make breakfast, normally some scrambled pasture raised organic eggs and low carb vegetables, like spinach or kale. We try to keep him as healthy as possible so I am very rigid about his diet. No sugar, no carbs or little to no carbs and protein. Dr. Dale Bredesen has had some success with his book The End of Alzheimer’s and I have followed his program called MEND for some time although it hasn’t worked as well as we would like. Dr. Bredesen does have some success stories. One woman reversed her Alzheimer’s. She and her family are lucky. I wish that this would have worked for us.


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