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Rick was always witty and funny and now he gets silly like a kid. He dances around the house trying to make us laugh. He loves to listen to any kind of music and sing along, even if the words are wrong but he can remember almost any song.

Faby our caregiver was singing along with Aretha Franklin, “you make me feel like an American woman”…she’s Brazilian so she doesn’t know the exact words. Rick corrected her and said, “It’s not American woman, its natural woman.” It is so funny to watch them. I sing the TJ Maxx jingle. All I have to do is go “dit dit dit dit..dit dit dit dit” and Rick finishes with “TJ Maxx.”

He loves Soul Oldies and Classic Funk on I Heart Radio. We sing and rock out in the car, in the house and with my friends and family. It is my advice that I can give if your love one has AD: Music is the medicine. Any kind of music they used to like or the last artist they loved before the devil started eating their brains. Just put music on all the time. Not too loud. Give them options to go to another part of the house if they get tired. Rick listens to music 24 hours a day, and he loves every minute of it. I am so glad because it calms him down. When he gets stressed outside Faby always puts his songs, the Beatles, the Beach boys or anything that he really likes to sing along to and it works. He always relaxes after that. You must sing along too.

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