I like the simple things in life

Sometimes many of us wish we had money, fame, power, could travel, or have a house. No one is happy with what they have, and I am the same. I want my husband to be himself again. You all know that but I am easy to be with and don’t want much. I never wanted what everybody wanted.  I never wanted to get married or have kids. We got married after being together for 20 years because a guy that Rick worked with got into a motorcycle wreck and was brain dead and they wouldn’t even let his girlfriend into the hospital room. His mother ended up keeping him on life support for a long time. Rick told me that he didn’t want that, he wanted me to make decisions for him not his mom. So we got married. It didn’t matter to me. I was happy just being together. Anyone who knows Rick, knows that he doesn’t care for material things and he didn’t like to waste money on anything except musical instruments or his CD collection (he had 3000 CD’s). I remember the year that I turned 30 or 40, a milestone birthday, he got me a gift card to Rexall Drugs so that I could buy some makeup. Other women would be appalled by this, but I didn’t care. That’s not why I love him.

One thing that we always had in common was the love of the beach. As a kid my sister used to take me to Santa Monica beach station 24 every Sunday. We’d stay all day, have Perry’s pizza and I would play in the water while she napped. Then at around 4:00 we would head home stop and get the Sunday paper and I’d read the comics and she everything else and get a pint of Haagen-Dazs ice cream and watch re-runs of  old Star Trek episodes.

I don’t know the sun is so cool. I like to be tan. I always say on the inside I look different than on the outside but with a tan, my eyes get brighter,  my hair gets blonder, my skin doesn’t look so pasty. Sometimes I go crazy and get tan at the tanning salon. The sun makes me feel happy. I feel down when it’s cloudy and gloomy outside. A lot of my friends love the rain and cloudy days, not me!  I love to play the guitar, eat, I love to eat . I should be really fat because I love junk food and be out in the sun. Lately I have been trying to diet so that I can fit into a dress for my nephews wedding in November. My entire family and I are going to stay at an Alpaca farm. Isn’t that cool?  I love my sisters. I love to chat. I love to walk. Doesn’t take much to be happy.

A great weekend for me is going to the beach.  Usually I’m rushing to work and rushing home. I run around at work like there’s a deadline all the time.  But what’s fun is going to the beach and relaxing and watching the ocean ebb and flow. The summer is my favorite season in Los Angeles.  Last Sunday it finally wasn’t June gloom. Rick and I went to the beach.  I’m grateful for the good days.

The first time we went to Hawaii was amazing. We discovered so many beautiful beaches and the waterfall at Waimea Falls, and drove around the island of Oahu. We had Shave Ice in Haleiwa on the North Shore and fresh pineapple at the Dole Plantation. We saw a baby hammer head shark at Kailua Beach on the leeward or was it the windward side of the island. We walked up to the top of Diamond Head and came down and went to the Honolulu Zoo. Good times….we used to fantasize about living in Hawaii but I would miss my family too much. I think that the vitamin D from the sun and the warm breeze puts us in a good mood. We listen to Steely Dan sing “Drive West on Sunset to sea.” It’s peaceful and relaxing. All it takes is a sunny day to make me happy.


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