How can you figure out if your loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease?

For me, we just thought that he was getting older and forgetful. Rick started forgetting where he had parked his car. He used to be very methodical and would never forget anything. He was like a human map, knew every street and shortcut, he was Google Maps before Google Maps was invented. He also had an idennic memory. He passed every test with a perfect score. He created a software program to prepare his taxes by typing in the entire tax code into his program. And then he was starting to forget things.
My sweet genius husband started to forget his wallet, keys in the door, in the UPS store post office box, his phone, he forgot to take his medicine and eventually he would forget everything, except me so far (3 years now).

Rick doesn’t know my name anymore. So I asked him what’s my name and he answers you guys. That’s what I have left for the man once was so inspiring to me. He stills say everyday how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. But I believe that I have more a physical body than the brain that I fell in love with. It is so difficult. I want to give up so often.. But I love him more than my own life. He is and was everything to me. All that I hope for. Am I going to just get rid of him? Never. We will fight this together, this evil disease.

Pay attention of some little details to evaluate your loved ones:

1 – Memory Changes

2- Withdrawal From Usual Activities

3 – Disorientation to Time or Place

4- Visual-Spatial Difficulties

5- Decrease in Written or Verbal Communication Ability

6- Challenges in Problem-Solving and Planning

7- Personality and Mood Changes

8 – Misplacing Items Frequently

9 – Decline in Judgment

10 – Difficulty Performing Familiar Tasks


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