Heard the most interesting thing on KPCC’s The Ted Radio Hour on Sunday!

The Ted Radio Hour on KPCC on Sunday was about the 7 deadly sins. I’m Jewish so I don’t really know about them and I found it fascinating that many Television Shows and Movies were based on them. How clever is this idea? It just blows my mind. So the shows that they listed were:

  • Gilligan’s Island:
    • Gilligan – sloth
    • Skipper – gluttony
    • Ginger – lust
    • Mary Ann – envy (of Ginger)
    • The Professor – pride
    • Lovey – wrath
    • Mr. Howell – greed
  • Friends
    • Rachel – greed
    • Ross – wrath
    • Monica – pride
    • Chandler – sloth
    • Phoebe – lust
    • Joey – gluttony
    • Gunther – envy
  • Willy Wonka
    • Augustus Gloop – gluttony
    • Violet Beauregard – pride
    •  Veruca Salt – greed
    • Mike Teevee – sloth
    • Charlie Bucket – lust
    • Willy Wonka – wrath
    • Grandpa Joe – envy

Maybe I’m just naive but I never thought about the writers connecting things in this way. Interesting huh!

I’ve always liked how George Lucas based Star Wars on Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. So cool! When I have dark thoughts, Faby calls me Dart Vader (I’m pronouncing it like she does) I know that it’s Darth.



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