Excerpt from “It’s Not a Rumour” the upcoming memoir of Freddy Moore

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Freddy Moore!

Madame Wong’s was probably the only tropically decorated Chinese restaurant playing live new-wave music that ever existed. Such an entrepreneur Madame Wong was, along with her husband George. She regularly lined up bands like The Knack, the Motels, the Textones, Plain English, the Bus Boys and Naughty Sweeties, but she seemed to like us best. She let us play whenever we wanted, and she’d knock other bands off the lineup if we became available. When Demi and I got married, Madame Wong demanded we have our wedding reception there. It’s the one venue we played in L.A. that felt most like home.

I’m not sure how Madame Wong found The Kats originally, but I know the way she usually picked groups to play at her restaurant. She’d listen to audition tapes in her car. In 1980 she told The Los Angeles Times, “When there’s a bad tape, I throw it out the window. One day I almost hit the Highway Patrol car that was right next to me.”

We were always real respectful to Madame Wong and packed her restaurant with nearly 400 people (capacity: 350). It’s a good thing, because you didn’t want to disappoint or mess with Madame Wong. She’d kick your ass or have her husband George do it. I heard she stopped the Ramones mid-set to make them clean up graffiti they’d written on the bathroom walls.

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Renee: ewwwwww

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  1. Loni Specter
    Loni Specter says:

    Really looking forward to the book! You for got to mention bands like The Police, and the great John Hiatt played there too. Happy Passover!

  2. Jane Settles
    Jane Settles says:

    Had the best times at Wong’s East and West dancing to the Nu Kats. I don’t think we ever missed a gig. Love to Freddy and Renee.❤️

  3. Gregg Kubera
    Gregg Kubera says:

    Great to see the old band again!
    (…even though we only get to see Denny’s face…and right hand!)
    I had a dream about Rick the other night…and then Mark Goldstein showed-up as well!
    I’ll never forget being in the Pachucos with those guys…and Hans Gasterland, & Dick Rogers as well.
    …truly wonderful musicians.

    I think I own ALL the records that Skogie/Cats/Nucats released!


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