It’s Not a Rumour Video

Look how cute and cool Rick/Freddy is in this video and Al Galles…I love these guys. The song still holds up. I can listen to it over and over and it doesn’t get old. I know the video is grainy and sort of hard to see but it’s still reminds me of those wonderful days watching the band and singing along.

Love you Rick!!!!


“It’s Not a Rumour” Merch Shop is Open!

Attention all Freddy Moore, Skogie, Kats, and Nu Kats fans – the official Rumour merch shop is open!



We have taken original band logos and put them on all kinds of cool products from tanks to sweatshirts to mugs. You may have had a Skogie tee back in the day and now is your chance to grab one again. Or enjoy some stickers or original hand drawn posters to hang on your rock concert wall.


The book is almost here! (September 14th). If you haven’t ordered yet, here is an Amazon link!

All our gratitude to Freddy’s fans near and far who have rooted us on through this entire writing and publishing process. We can’t wait to share his story with you, and we are so excited to sport our merch!



It seems that I am living without Rick these days and it’s so strange.

I just distract myself all the time by listening to books on Audible, watching a series on Netflix, talking on the phone and getting sucked into other peoples problems and lives. It helps me avoid my sadness.

I have heard from people involved in publishing the book “Its Not a Rumour” that it will happen sometime around June 2021. This is good news and I hope that things will come to fruition.

My latest obsession like Rick used to have of finding rare things and collecting them, is finding Kats and Nu Kats memorabilia.

here are my latest acquisitions:

I would love to buy a black Kats button, so if anyone has one they would like to sell, I’m in!


Love that Freddy Moore, my Rick, Ricky and Skogie!


“California here I come”


Music and Lyrics by Frederick George Moore
Copyright © 1977
Demophonic Music Publishing BMI
Used with permission

Rick wrote this song on the way from Minnesota to California. The Kats version of this song is a million times better but he was so good here and he was happy and it makes me sad because I miss him but happy to see how good he was doing a few years ago, well maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

here’s a little video of California

Plastic Facts

Nu Kats


I got this from a friend and thought that it was such a nice message that I would share it.

Hi Renee,

I saw this at a Portland Record Store. I hope things are OK. I love reading your blog and I am so sorry all this is happening. My heart goes out to you and Rick

Love to you and Rick.



Site Update: New Spotify Links

Hello Freddy Moore music fans, happy Friday!

It’s Shannon here, co-author of Freddy Moore’s memoir, It’s Not a Rumour. I wanted to let you all know, in case you didn’t already, that some of Freddy’s most popular music with The Kats and Nu Kats are on Spotify. Some of your faves on Spotify include, “King of the Wild Frontier,” “California, Here I Come,” “It’s Not a Rumour,” “The Kats Theme Song” and “Can’t Have You.”

Enjoy the music!


What’s in a name

I don’t know if everyone knows this but Rick has had and used various names and alter egos throughout his life. As you will read in his upcoming memoir in the chapter “what’s in a name he started life free literally.” His father got out of paying the hospital bill by naming him after  the doctor who delivered him. His parents had planned to name him Rick so they had to improvise because the doctors name was Frederick. They used the Rick at the end of Frederick to work around this. Growing up he was Ricky after Ricky Nelson and Ricky Ricardo.

At Richfield high school he needed a gym shirt that the coach demanded he wear;  so in the lost and found bin he found a T-shirt with the name skogie on it. From then on he was Skogie Moore.

In his very successful band in Minneapolis, Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos he was Skogie.

When he moved to Los Angeles, he created the alter ego Freddy Moore or Freddy the Kat of the The Kats. Freddy Moore was the master showman, wild extroverted guy who schmoozed with the fans glasses off (Superman) climbing up the rafters, leaping off the stage into the crowd. When his glasses were  back on he was Rick, the shy reserved Midwesterner (Clark Kent).