“I ordered the book last month and read it over a weekend. I will treasure the book forever and read it again and again. The book is unputdownable–truly, really well-written and honest, and superb in every way. In the past, I worked as a journalist and copywriter until the work dried up. One of my editors once told me that when writing a feature about someone, my job was to provide readers with a nice sense of who the person is. Shannon did that. You did that. Rick did it, too. I am grateful to all of you for sharing such a complete and detailed story about every aspect of his life.” -Cathy C.

It’s Not a Rumour Video

Look how cute and cool Rick/Freddy is in this video and Al Galles…I love these guys. The song still holds up. I can listen to it over and over and it doesn’t get old. I know the video is grainy and sort of hard to see but it’s still reminds me of those wonderful days watching the band and singing along.

Love you Rick!!!!


It’s Not A Rumour – The Book

Since Rick’s memoir is sold out on Amazon, the book may be ordered directly from our publisher:



here’s a link to the book.



Interview with Mike Stark of LA Radio Studio about “It’s Not a Rumour” the book.

Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday I skyped with the lovely Mike Stark of LA Radio Studio. It was so good to talk about Rick and reminisce about the good times actually the best times of our lives back when The Kats and The Nu Kats were playing live. here’s a link to the interview which is sooooooo cool because of the way he edited it with previous interviews that he did with Rick and we all get to hear his voice and his personality the way it used to be. Made me cry but it was so good to hear the “real” Rick. What I love about Mike is he is on team Freddy!

Here is the link to the interview:

the interview airs this Friday morning at 9am on KKJZ 88.1FM-HD3 and at http://www.22westmedia.com/.

Enjoy…there’s a lot of music in the interview and it’s wonderful to hear Rick talk about his music and his stories.




P.S. Band and book merch here: www.rumourmerch.com

“It’s Not a Rumour” Merch Shop is Open!

Attention all Freddy Moore, Skogie, Kats, and Nu Kats fans – the official Rumour merch shop is open!



We have taken original band logos and put them on all kinds of cool products from tanks to sweatshirts to mugs. You may have had a Skogie tee back in the day and now is your chance to grab one again. Or enjoy some stickers or original hand drawn posters to hang on your rock concert wall.


The book is almost here! (September 14th). If you haven’t ordered yet, here is an Amazon link!

All our gratitude to Freddy’s fans near and far who have rooted us on through this entire writing and publishing process. We can’t wait to share his story with you, and we are so excited to sport our merch!


It’s Here! Pre-order “It’s Not a Rumour” now!

Friends, family and fans of Rick “Freddy” Moore,

Shannon and I could not be more excited to announce the pre-order release of It’s Not a Rumour: A rock and roll journey through life and Alzheimer’s is available now at many online retailers!!!!!!

Release date: August 10, 2021

How to order:

To order a special stamped/signed copy, pre-order on our publisher Rare Bird’s site here.

Pre-order a regular hardcover book on Amazon here.

Pre-order a regular hardcover book on Powell’s Books here.

We could not be more grateful to everyone who contributed in the creation of this book. With his late-stage Alzheimer’s condition, he no longer realizes the impact of his life or his story, but Renee and I are certain he would have been so proud of how it came out. It is filled with all the adventures of his life, his heart, and chock full of memorabilia, photos, and of course, the most important thing – music.

Thank you to everyone who helped fill in stories where his memory lapsed. We hope you’ll be as proud of the end result as we are.

Please share this book with all your music-pop-culture loving friends. We appreciate you all.

Forever a Kat / Nu Kat,

Renee & Shannon

We did it!

We did it!

As Shannon said, the other day, the book “It’s Not A Rumour” is on track to be published by Rare Bird Publishing in the Fall of 2021.

This all started in 2014-2015 when Rick was posting his stories on Facebook and Ron Manus of Alfred Music Publishing commented that he should have a blog or write a book. Ron invited us to the NAM show, which was very cool to discuss the project. It proved to be too much work to pull the stories out of Rick for Alfred Music.

After that, I thought that it would be important to get Rick’s stories in a book and at the same time help him recall memories. We had so much material; his illustrious music career, songwriting, childhood, the Alzheimer’s and our love story. Telling Shannon his stories did help his memory improve a little even though it made him emotional while working on it.

I researched co-writers and bought a book on how to write a memoir. I realized that I needed help. I contacted the L.A. Writer’s Group. Nicole Criona recommended several co-writers. We met with one at the Daily Grill in Studio City. He was arrogant and said that he would send over a couple of typists to take down Rick’s stories and then he would develop those stories into a book. Rick did not like that guy. Then I went back to Nicole and she recommended Shannon.

We met Shannon at Aroma Coffee in Studio City we had an instant connection. Shannon is beautiful inside and out and she “saw” Rick. She truly understood his vision for the book. She wanted to do justice to Rick’s vision and she did. What is amazing about Shannon is how hard she works, how she respects the stories, how much research she did and she stayed true to Rick’s vision.. She helped Rick put across his stories that were; funny, heartfelt, interesting, unbelievable, and so cool. I am positive that Rick would be proud of this book.

During the process, we would get chapters from Shannon. Rick and I would cry at some parts because the truth of his disease hit us and we cried because this was really happening to him. We laughed out loud at some chapters, we were blown away by all the life that he had lived. This book became the best way to preserve Rick’s memories which were fading. We enjoyed every minute that we spent with Shannon. She is truly a gem. We are so lucky to have found her.

The pictures above are of Shannon and me celebrating the culmination of all our hard work and dedication to this project. This book will finally be published.

We toasted with Margarita’s that…WE DID IT!


Better times

Rick and I at my cousins anniversary party years ago. I don’t remember how many years but it was prior to March 2016 which was the year Rick had the brain bleed. He was wearing his stage outfit and his eyes were clear and not vacant like now. He was still Rick and not Alzheimers Rick. He hadn’t morphed into what he is now which is heart wrenching and sad. He would hate himself now and I know him, he would. I hate Alzheimer’s for ravaging his beautiful brain. Seeing him in this picture makes me remember what he used to be like; strong, smart, witty and loving.

I love Rick’s songs

Press play to listen


what is your favorite part of this song?

mine: “bad boys scream and shout!”

Music and Lyrics by Frederick George Moore
Copyright © October, 1981
Demophonic Music Publishing BMI
Used with permission

No matter what you may try
Bad boys never die
They just fade away

Up and down the city
From South Street to the outer limit
Urban girls are pretty
Bad boys gotta gotta gota get down
Across the countryside
Pretty girls are giving bad boys hard times

No matter what you may try
Bad boys never die
They just fade away

Bad girls get crazy
Good girls sit and pout
Old boys get lazy
And sit another out
Big Boys put on gloves
And punch each other out
Good boys fall in love
bad boys scream and shout

No matter what you may try
Bad boys never die

No matter what you may try
Bad boys never die
They just fade away