“California here I come”


Music and Lyrics by Frederick George Moore
Copyright © 1977
Demophonic Music Publishing BMI
Used with permission

Rick wrote this song on the way from Minnesota to California. The Kats version of this song is a million times better but he was so good here and he was happy and it makes me sad because I miss him but happy to see how good he was doing a few years ago, well maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

here’s a little video of California

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  1. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    I remember the trip well from Minnesota to California! With our cat Remus! Very exciting when we all hit the ocean got out of our cars and breathed in the ocean air. This song was a tremendous milestone. This is a wonderful rendition of the song. So happy to see you playing guitars together.

  2. Gregg Kubera
    Gregg Kubera says:

    I really think that one of the BIG reasons I was accepted as a Flaming Pachuco, is that I’d just moved to MN from the Bay Area in CA.
    Rick always seemed to like the coast…as do I!

    BTW, have you, or HE seen the video we did of SKOGIE just before they left for LA?
    It’s only 20 minutes long, but was the FIRST in a long line of band videos that I’ve done
    …still doing them actually…as soon as this virus thingy clears up around the world!

    Here’s a link to “Pick Up the Penguin” !!


    I can post the rest if you’d like…

    Gregg “YO” Kubera

      • Gregg Kubera
        Gregg Kubera says:

        …share it with Rick if you can.
        Might help lighten his load for a while.
        I’ll try to get the rest up online when we return to MN from Tucson…leaving Mañana !


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