We had brunch with Rick’s youngest brother, his wife and some friends from out of town. One of which we were expecting and the other was a nice surprise. Everyone told a bunch of cool stories about working with Rick and playing music with him and when they worked together they formed a band at work called the Stoopers. Hearing these stories made me think of a funny story from our past.

When Rick and I were dating we used to drive up into hills and park and look at the beautiful views from high above the city.

This one time we were sitting on the top of a hill in Rick’s Honda Accord. It was a wealthy residential neighborhood. We sat looking  out at the twinkling lights and stars and we thought how peaceful things were. Out of nowhere the top of a head of curly hair appeared just outside the passenger side window! It was about the level where the window was open and we both screamed…What the hell is that!

We thought that someone was creeping up on us and it really scared us! It turns out it was a large standard poodle trying to figure out what the strangers (us) were doing in his neighborhood. It was a really funny thing to see and be scared by. But once we realized that there wasn’t any danger, we laughed while we drove back down the hill.

The featured picture above was taken about a year ago when we visited the Griffith observatory during the giant moon exhibit. We got to see the moon through a giant telescope and it was amazing. I don’t have an old picture to share to go along with my story so I thought that I would put this picture in because that’s what the city looked like from where we would take our scenic drives.





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