A Walk to Remember

As Valentines Day approaches and sorry but it is just a holiday for the floral, greeting card and chocolate industry, I was remembering a story that I thought that I would share:

We live in a walking neighborhood and we would take walks everywhere. Sometimes we would walk down to 6th Street through the residential area and sometimes walk on 3rd Street or get dinner most weekends we didn’t even take the car anywhere.

One sunny day we were walking back to our place and since I’m pretty much afraid of everything, especially bugs and bees, and a bee came floating by me and before I could move out of it’s way like Daniel Day Lewis acting as Cecil in the film “Room With a View”, swatting at a bug and flailing around wildly, the bee landed right on my face. Instinctively, I closed my eyes as it walked around my cheek and up to my eyelid. I started to freak out and cry like a baby. Rick said “just stay still and be calm and it won’t sting you. It doesn’t want to sting you.” The bee crept up my eyelid and eyelashes and then up to my eyebrow. I heard Rick fumbling around as he took his keys out of his pocket and placed a key up by my eyebrow. Luckily the bee climbed onto the key and off of me! Rick gently placed the bee on a nearby bush and put the keys back in his pocket like it was nothing.

I was creep-ed out, shaking and twitching and shimmying around. Rick in his gentle way said “don’t be afraid of bees, they are nice and don’t want to sting us unless they feel threatened.” You gotta love the guy right?



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