It's Not a Rumour

a rock and roll journey through life and Alzheimer's

Better times

October 31, 2020

Rick and I at my cousins anniversary party years ago. I don’t remember how many years but it was prior to March 2016 which was the year Rick had the brain bleed. He was wearing his stage outfit and his eyes were clear and not vacant like now. He was still Rick and not Alzheimers Rick. He hadn’t morphed into what he is now which is heart wrenching and sad. He would hate himself now and I know him, he would.

I hate Alzheimer’s for ravaging his beautiful brain.

Seeing him in this picture makes me remember what he used to be like; strong, smart, witty and loving.


  1. That’s a great picture and you both look so happy!!! I love you Renee and I’ll always be here for you day night or whenever you need me! You are one special lady who has more heart than anyone I know. You are a gift to me always!!!!


  2. A beautiful picture of two WONDERFUL people…
    THANKS for sharing.
    pax-Gregg Kubera/Pachuco


  3. Great site Renee.


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