It's Not a Rumour

a rock and roll journey through life and Alzheimer's

Not posting for a while

December 17, 2019

The disease has progressed and I have had to move Rick into Silverado memory care facility.

This is killing me. Like the old Rick I am not the kind of person that wants to share my pain. I don’t know when I will post again.

This is devastating for me

please understand that I can’t talk or share right now.

thanks for understanding



  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I can’t begin to imagine how you fee, but I do know you are one of the bravest souls I have ever known.Please know I think of you both often. All the love, Loni


  2. Renee-
    This is a path that some of us have traveled before…
    yet there are no words that can explain, or even comfort.
    It’s the most difficult task you will ever be asked to do.
    But please know that you are loved and respected to the HIGHEST degree
    by those of us who also love & respect Rick.
    He taught me an incredible amount about music…and life.
    …and I am very happy that he found an able & loving mate in you.
    Perhaps in misery, we can find strength.
    If that be the case, I KNOW you are among the strongest persons on earth.
    Take care of yourself, sweet flower…
    All LOVE.
    Gregg “Yo” Kubera
    Flaming Pachuco

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